I am a writer.


I was born in the mean streets of Brawley, California—grew up in Montebello as the youngest daughter of a sprawling, vibrant Mexican-American family, met my best friend Susan, lived the gritty L.A. life, then went to SF State for a degree in journalism. 

After graduating and working a variety of jobs I moved to New York where I became what I'd always dreamed of becoming: a real, honest-to-God journalista. I lived in a basement apartment and scrawled thousands of column inches of fashion reporting, pop culture coverage, news, and art.  I met rock stars, lived off back stage passes and crashed receptions while running with a pack of similarly ambitious young women who loved to karaoke and travel.

A couple of years ago I married the man of my dreams who lives, somewhat against his own will, in Hillsborough, North Carolina (we just moved to Savannah, GA!). You've heard the song "Magic Man"? Well, yeah. This is the guy. We travel A LOT and we explore great restaurants and concert venues together.  We're both writers. I'm as happy as I can be. Well, almost as happy. :)